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EU Fiscal Treaty Explained – In Laymans Terms

I will attempt to explain the EU Fiscal Treaty in as simple terms as I can as a layman, I am attempting this because, all the discussion in Irish media and from the Irish Government is about the ramifications of a No vote without any explanation whatsoever, of what is contained in the Treaty. Our […]

A little Rant…….

Folks, Today I am going to have a rant; I have been bottling it up for some time and today is the day I have chosen to release it…. We are into silly season, the writ was moved for the EU Fiscal Compact Referendum, a pointless and futile exercise, we don’t need a referendum! WE […]

How many times do we have ask an Irish Politician a question….

….to get a straight answer? well it is obviously more than ten times anyway! Dominic Hannigan TD Labour, you will certainly get a return invite to nightly news with Vincent Brown, Mr Hannigan, you are firmly in his sights now! One of many targets he as amassed! Poor Vincent, almost brought to tears…what an absolute […]

Interesting Report from Max Keiser

Discussion on the Ratings Agencies and their fall from grace, and how they are turning on themselves. Also how Richard Parsons of Citigroup is confessing that the repeal of Glass Steagal is the cause of the Financial Crisis – another Financial Criminal looking for absolution when his Bank balance has reached a satisfactory level – […]

Living History – The road to Europe was not paved with good intentions!

Living History!!

The Crux of the Problem – Money!!!

I have spent a lot of time over the past 6 years, since the beginning of the implosion of Ireland economy, educating myself in matters of Banking, Currency control and in particular Central Banks, (one excellent source of learning & understanding is ) It is now abundantly clear to me the crux and basis of […]

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