Constantin Gurdgiev & Morgan Kelly – Clear thinking in a Mad Ireland

Good on ya Constantin!

Morgan Kelly – How right you were! this video is from back in 2007

Jim Power was a Bankers Economist!  (Friends First) Nowhere to be seen or heard today!

Mainstream Media castigated Morgan Kelly, Jim Power was on lauded the News and in the Papers every day!

Constantin is absolutely right, we have a trump card to play and we should play it on the 31st May.

VOTE NO! to the EU Fiscal Treaty

Withdraw from the Euro and take the pain now! as we should have in 2008, it would be all over now if we had…..

Austerity and more Debt is NOT the answer! Never has been and Never will!

Continually borrowing Principle to repay Principle + Interest will never work, Bank Debt does not, and never did belong to the people, socialising private debt is a recipe for disaster, this is now proven!

The Bank’s have one agenda and it is self preservation at all costs! and they are winning, it is time to call a halt to protecting private, for profit corporations deemed too big to fail! business is business, it either succeeds or fails and to interfere with this basic financial rule is totally wrong, false and distorts natural progression.



  1. Hmmm. So were “the people” buying shoe-box apartments and other “investment” properties in their masses – aided, albeit by the governnment’s tax breaks and decreased capital gains tax – not responsible for running up the debt?

    That’s the problem in Ireland. No-one is responsible.

    What we need is a stronger euro brought about by increased fiscal and political union, which would enable Eurobonds to be issued and would prevent the markets targeting weakened peripheral economies.

    It is what should have been done right at the start of monetary union.

    Back to the punt, dearer imports and higher interest rates? No thanks.

    Gombeen Man


  2. […] Constantin Gurdgiev & Morgan Kelly – Clear thinking in a Mad Ireland ( […]


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