With sincere thanks to my friend Tony Brogan…

Talk is cheap. Here is a solution. Tear it apart if you can. It will be my standard answer from now on to any debate on improving this or that. We have to solve the fundamental problem nobody addresses. Our money system
What is not understood, except very few, is that it is the monetary system that has destroyed the economy.
People are blinded by preconceptions and opinions planted by propagandists’ in the media.

We are fed lies and half-truths all the time. Side issues are raised to distract us.
All these topics to debate are red herrings, straw men, wooden horses, to distract. They get us to argue over non entities, to divide us from ourselves.

I spend 40 years reading such pap and could not figure out why there was not resolution, why I did not understand. Then one day I received a lecture from a stranger, and I looked in to what he told me and then I realized.

I was being had, set up, deliberately deceived, and made sure to be confused. I was being lead down the garden path. I knew my standard of living was declining; I could see it took one and a half wages to buy a house instead of one. Then it took two wages and now around here two and a half wages.

Then I struck on the basic problem and read about in my own time. My self-education program cost me 30 hours a week at my earning rate of 100 dollars an hour, times 10 years. You work it out. Yes I am a slow learner. Yes I go over and over things but I know I have it correct. That cannot be said for other educational processes.

So what is the problem? Why are we where we are? It is so simple that it is hard to grasp.
We have given over to others our birthright. We have abandoned the essence of trade and prosperity; man’s greatest invention on the road to prosperity, comfort and wealth.
We have given away the control of our private property. We have given our money. Our money is in the hands of those who desire the wealth that it contains. Money is the great enabler, the medium of exchange. It allows the exchange, efficiently, from those who have and don’t want to those who have not but want.
Money enables trade instead of barter. Money allows an exchange by mutual agreement for the betterment of both parties. After the exchange both parties are better off.
Money allows the storage of wealth in a portable form. It is able to be deployed immediately to achieve a desire. It is liquid, immediately available.
Money is a catalyst to the exchange of goods and services. It is the medium of exchange; it is not consumed in the transaction. It is ready to perform this function over and over again.
To have the widest application money must be universally acceptable. I travel with my money and want to spend it where I arrive. Money must be trusted wherever it is. One unit of exchange must be the same and equal to other units of exchange.
Money must be fungible.

To function effectively money must be divisible, with the sum of the parts equal to the whole. Thus money can act as a medium of exchange in small transactions as well as large ones.
Money thus exercises great control and effect on the economy. Such power is coveted by the unscrupulous.


Over time our money has come under greater control of a cabal. Over time the people have relinquished control of their money. First control was relinquished to the state. Then the state gave control to the cabal. Then the cabal changed the form of the money to such as impoverishes the people to the benefit of the cabal. It enriches the cabal and transfers the peoples’ wealth away from the people.

People now work harder and longer for less and less. People are indebted when they are born and further indebted when they die. People spend their lives working to service the interest charges on these debts without ever paying off the principal.


It can be seen that a freeman owns his own money. A debt slave does not. The money is owned by the master.

The method of operation by the cabal is to own the central banks which are in charge of the money. This way they control the government by stealth or overt threat.

Our salvation is to reclaim our birthright which is to reclaim our money as personal property.
The people must regain control of the government. The government, aka the people, then must close the cabal operation called the central bank. The current money system must be halted and stopped. Debt based money must be destroyed and replaced with money that is an asset and a store of wealth.

The current money system besides being a debt based system is also subject to distortion in value through inflation of the money supply. A money system must retain stability in the amount of money within the economy and not be allowed to expand and contract by the guesses of an individual or committee. No individual can estimate the future economic decisions of his neighbours let alone the millions of people using the money. Any changes induced into the system will distort the economic signals and thus create inefficiencies in the economy.

Over millennia mankind has experimented with many different currencies and forms of money. There is a general agreement as to the form and characteristics of which money works best and which does not work well.

The solution for the long-term growth and health of the economy (at a state level) is as follows.
The people must regain control of the government.
The central bank must be closed and the fiat debt based money system closed.
Treasury must replace all current money with treasury notes issued directly to the people one for one. This Treasury money will still be subject to inflation and so inflation protection controls need to be implemented.This requires silver coin be monetized.

Silver coin is to immediately be monetized. These coins can be any that are trusted to contain a stated weight of silver and state a purity of silver. The coins can be minted by any mint of sterling reputation and already a trusted source of coin. Such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the silver one ounce Maple leaf coin.

These coins will circulate alongside and parallel to the fiat treasury bills. The legal tender laws are to be repealed. This way there is open competition in the money people can use. If the treasury money becomes inflated people will prefer another currency and would likely save in silver coin.

Silver will be monetized as follows. A monetary value will be set on the coin that is guaranteed to remain approximately 20% or more above the world spot price for silver. If the spot price increases then the monetary value of the coin will also increase. The monetary value of the silver coin will never be reduced even if the spot price of silver would drop substantially lower.
This is the calculation to monetized one ounce silver coins.

Current spot price in the world = E23.80.
Plus by 20% = E28.56
Round up to next multiple of 5 = E30.
The calculation is done as of midnight every Saturday and on Sunday the value is published on the web site and in the press and is good for the following week.

Should the spot price of silver rise then the monetary value of the silver will rise in increments of 5 euros. Should the spot price fall the monetary value of the coin will not ever be reduced. Thus the coin protects against inflation and retains value.

Monetizing the Canadian Maple Leaf for example would cause silver to flood into the country as people could “spend it” at prices higher than they paid for it. That would be an initial boost to the economy. Other coins from trusted mints could also be monetized. Removal of the legal tender laws (and VAT taxes on silver) would allow settlement of private debt in any currency agreed between the parties and fiat currency could not be forced on people in settlement of private debt. Government could still insist that taxes be paid in fiat but they could also accept other money in payment too.

The state could also mint silver coin. A beautiful coin of Irish design. Silver would be bought at spot prices, minted and coin sold into circulation. Any profit in the process accrues to the government as seniorage and would allow accumulation of precious metal that would begin to back the treasury notes issued as currency.Coin will continue to be sold by the irish mint until demand is sated.

This whole process means abandoning the Euro but not necessarily the European trade union.

Having established a stable currency and an ‘honest’ money system, the national debt will have been largely expunged and paid off with the new currency. The country would be debt free with no interest payments. The costs of the state budget would be radically lowered and income taxes could be abolished and the income tax regulations eliminated. This would result in spending power returned to the people and the tax breaks returned to the people. The economy would be dramatically changed and people able to concentrate on being prosperous in a real way rather than in the mirage provided by a credit fueled boom and bust.

But most important of all the people would be freed from the bondage of the debt based fiat money system and their masters. They would be a free people in every sense of the word.

That would be a wonderful 100 year celebration would it not? Free at last.



  1. Micky Mac · · Reply

    I wonder did many of you hear or read about Mathematically Perfected Economy (MPE) by Mike Montange? I think that’s the way he spells his name, anyway he does have a system of currency controls that are mathematically proven to work. He has made approaches to many of the past Presidents of the US, but surprise surprise none of them were interested. The only difference that I can see between his theory and the article above is that the government print a precise amount of currency in a defined ratio as the total depreciating assets, amount required for circulation, and all debts (I think) in a 1:1:1 ratio. There would be a depreciating value of all property, and there would be no interest bearing debt as we have now. Every euro I have in my pocket is a debt owed by someone. If you work you get paid in debt notes which goes to pay ever-increasing debts, in fact it is interest upon interest upon interest, until the model implodes on itself.
    It is mathematically proven that the system we have through fractional reserve banking eventually self destructs, due to the ever-increasing amount of currency, of no intrinsic value being injected into the system to falsely keep it afloat.
    Central Banks are part of the cabal that has confiscated all of man’s production in return for debt notes bearing interest. About 8 global private banks own almost all of the world’s wealth. They indirectly run shadow governments behind the scenes in almost every country in the world. They can make or break any country at will, and have done so throughout history.
    We are all now familiar with the previous pre-election promises of Gilmore, Kenny, and Quinn. They thought that they were going to give the fingers to Frankfurt, that was until they came into power, and saw the reality of who was running the show behind the curtain. Central banks just act as the government’s bank, they are intertwined with each other, with the ECB, and with the Federal Reserve, it just one big happy club.
    We have got to do something that will take us out of the eurozone, otherwise we are doomed. Enda Kenny stated the other day that we are committed to paying 3 billion per annum until 2033 on the promissory notes alone. It is not possible to pay this staggering amount, unless we all just sacrifice everything, even the basic essentials, while the Government keep themselves and their buddies in well padded cells, quarantined from the financial facts facing the majority of us. Why has the Troika not demanded a reduction in their outlandish salaries and perks? without forced government support the whole charade would collapse. Things might be tough for a year or two but what the heck at least we would be going in the better direction.
    There is only one question; how do we free ourselves from financial tyranny, but there are several answers.


  2. Welcome to the world of the enlightened, Yes we need to regain control of our own currency .Handing over our currency to the Germans was a complete disaster .But equally having given control to Gombeens politicians was just as disastrous. We need to take back control but also take back direct democracy for our people and in that way we may at last become masters of our own destiny.
    An excellent article and it should e sent to every household in the country!
    Thank you!


  3. Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    Welcome to the world of the enlightened, Yes we need to regain control of our own currency .Handing over our currency to the Germans was a complete disaster .But equally having given control to Gombeens politicians was just as disastrous. We need to take back control but also take back direct democracy for our people and in that way we may at last become masters of our own destiny.
    An excellent article and it should e sent to every household in the country!
    Thank you!


  4. james Miller · · Reply

    good piece …………………changing the national mindset will take either time or a catastrophe………..and many haven’t yet understood the bank guarantee od 9/08 as such……….but there is some traction.

    I have been suggesting to some that approaching elements of the public service trade unions might be a good thing…….i have already done so…………they are screwing themselves trying to cut another billion for the next round………..THERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY IN THIS FACT…………………………..we should exploit it……… might know your way about there???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Le Buíochas




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