Rudolphus Allen Trust…time to put up or shut up

Following on from the High Court hearing regarding Fallon’s Public House yesterday, a communique has emanated from Charlie Allen and the Trust, this communique is in the form of an email and therefore private but, as at least one of the recipients has now made it public I am free to comment.

In this communique Mr Allen states that ” It is obvious we were denied proper access to the Courts”, this absolutely false, the Trust was given the opportunity to show up at the Court yesterday just the same as the many people from all corners of the country did.

It goes on to complain that the trust was given only one day to prepare a “defending affidavit” ( the term you are looking for is a “replying affidavit”), again this is an excuse, if the Trust had serious objections to the limited time, it could have ventilated those concerns to the Court and the probability is that the Court would have allowed time for the replying affidavit in the interests of due process, as it had already done when it denied the application on Monday last on an ex parte basis.

Mr Allen then goes on to state that people can “be assured we are appealing to the Supreme Court“, what exactly, Mr Allen are you appealing to the Supreme Court, you and the Trust, because neither of you are parties to the proceedings that were before the Court yesterday so, you have no standing to appeal anything to the Supreme Court.

If you are intimating that the Family, (the beneficiaries) will appeal to the Supreme Court, you are grossly mistaken, no leave was granted to appeal and no appeal is possible on any point of Law relating to the decision of the Court yesterday.

Stop misleading people.

This communique closes by stating that people are trying to break confidence in the Trust and this is some indication of how serious a threat the Trust is perceived to be.

That statement is ludicrous, the Trust has been marketed by Mr Allen and his colleagues as a silver bullet, I have listened to him in person on a number of occasions when he stated absolutely that:

1) Receivers are removed within a short period of 3 to 6 weeks.

2) The Trust’s legal team represent the members in all Court action.

The Trust and Mr Allen have failed miserably on the basis of yesterdays proceedings, as each day passes my worst fears and suspicions are being realized and my heart goes out to all the ordinary Irish people who have place their blind faith in a very convincing and affable representative of the Rudolphus Allen Trust.

I no longer believe that there are three Barristers behind the Trust, this is evident in my mind by the attitude and language used by Mr Allen in his communiques and obvious absence from Court hearings.

I am as always, open to proven wrong and I invite Mr Allen or any of his representatives to engage and prove me wrong, step up and carry through your promises to the many people you have harvested.

Show at least one case which you have been successful in, none of the cases in which you claim to have removed Receivers from have had the Receivers removed by the Trust or in fact at all, and your claims to the contrary are false and misleading.

I am aware of other members of the public whom some representatives of this Trust/organisation have attempted to intimidate and threaten when they questioned the scheme, I have experienced very disturbing reactions to questions personally and this type of response to scrutiny will invariably lead this author and many other people to arrive at conclusions which will not be kind to Mr Allen or his Trust.


  1. @john
    you have put up a link to a racing post email account that is not accessible
    is that correct or am i missing something here


    1. John,
      I sincerely hope that I do, for that is simply what I have been seeking all along, I am fully aware of the developments today and by all accounts Charlie Allen stood his ground, he deserves all credit for that.
      That said, nothing happened today that hasn’t happened before, receivers have been chased off many times, the reaction of the receivers and the Bank are what matters now and there will be a reaction, I hope that the actions of the Bank are not brought to bear on the Trust Member in question in isolation, the member is and has been my concern from the outset.
      Again I say, for everyone’s sake I hope the trust is what it says it is, that remains to be seen.


      1. The proof will be in the pudding if the courts pursue the family who were evicted that will be proof they are afraid of taking on this trust.They have no right to pursue them as they had nothing at all to do with yesterdays events.They have to take the trust to court and then and only then we will see if this will work or not.For the time being like I stated in all my other posts please keep on open mind rather than running the thing into the ground before it has even started,

        The Fallon case went against them simply because their son turned up in court they were advised not to go to court as the trust didn’t have time to prepare and contrary to your post they did seek time from the courts to prepare and it wasn’t granted to them.

        You have to ask yourself why was one of the top judges in nama asked to stand in on that case also which was odd.

        You also have to ask your self why were the armed Gardai response unit out at that premises yesterday and also why were the receivers covering up their faces when their photographs were taken yesterday.

        This trust has nothing to hide all it needed was time to prepare now they have committed.

        Whether it works or not at least someone is putting their head on the chopping block and making a proper stand


  2. Cian O'Carroll · · Reply


    Just stumbled across this blog tonight and must congratulate you on it.

    I feel that people thinking of engaging with this whole concept should be aware of a recently published judgement in the case of Freeman & anor -v- Bank of Scotland(Ireland) & anor,freeman,~language_en~

    where Justice Gilligan said

    [QUOTE]….. Such arguments are coming before the Courts in numerous jurisdictions with increasing frequency since the economic and property market collapse. In Meads, Associate Chief Justice Rooke stated that such arguments are often advanced by a particular type of vexatious litigant which he termed ‘Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) litigants’. He described these arguments as ‘fanciful’ and ‘completely devoid of merit’ and said they are often made by distressed litigants, particularly those who find themselves in financial difficulty, acting under pressure and on the instruction of organised groups or individuals who have a vested interest in disrupting court operations and frustrating the legal rights of governments, corporations and individuals.[\QUOTE]


  3. If its true that this a scam, where do people stand with their mortgages, i am one of those people that joined the Trust and was told by them not to pay my mortgage anymore and that they would now be talking to the banks for me. Now dont get me wrong i have very little income and cannot afford my mortgage and have been struggling to pay interest only over the past few years and while my bank werent that happy with me, they were leaving me pretty much alone.
    But now if this turns out to be a Scam how will my bank look at my situtation, this could be mass Suicide for a lot of vulnerable people.


    1. Niall Murray · · Reply

      I wouldn’t panic yet what I’m going to do is dig a bit more into the fallon case and see what was said and what is s**t talk (ego/ personality clashes etc) panic is what gets you in deeper in s**t so chill the pipes


      1. hey Niall,
        I was in Court last week, I am familiar with everything that went on, and more.
        I don’t have any axe to grind with the Trust or Charlie Allen and he knows this, on the contrary I have always wished him well but, I am getting more concerned by the day with lack of action, lack of assistance to members of the trust, the increasingly hostile and threatening behaviour and overall lack of professionalism or common courtesy for people who are at their most vulnerable.
        I thankfully don’t suffer from ego, my only concern is for distressed borrowers of which I am one. But dig as much as you can, all information is invauable,


      2. Niall Murray · ·

        Hi austin,
        I’m not implying that your ego etc is getting in the way at all.I just feel that we need more info on the “trust” and the facts that was recorded in the court those days cause as you know good people are there away I could see what the judge said on that case on monday and wednesday .can I get that from the high court??


    2. Jim,
      you are absolutely correct, but I suppose as long as your Bank are leaving you alone you should not push the issue with them, I am very concerned for the many people like you who have engaged with the Trust in good faith and on the basis of what Charlie Allen has said the Trust wold do, my experience is, so far, that I know three people who have been brought to Court and the Trust has not appeared for them or with them, one person did not go to Court and now has multiple judgments against him, the second did and has the case adjourned until October not through any actions of the Trust and the third was the case I mentioned where the family have been instructed to hand up possession of the property to the receivers.
      This is not what Charlie Allen promised would happen.
      The Courts are off now until October and my fear is that a huge number of the members of the Trust will be let down in a similar manner when the courts come back.
      Charlie Allen is engaging with very vulnerable people and they are extremely distressed, this makes them totally open to his pitch of fixing everything, it is a very bold statement to make and thus far he has not shown one single shred of evidence that he can deliver.
      I hope for everyone involved that he is what he says he is, my only concern is for distressed borrowers, I work with them day in and day out, hence the reason why I am so skeptical of this Trust.


  4. Niall;Murray · · Reply

    I was at one of there meetings in letterkenny on Sunday last and I also found that when I asked a question (keep in mind that the only question that’s stupid is the one you don’t ask)it was take it or leave it and o by the way you were late for the meeting attitude, and it seemed as if it was all cloak and dagger stuff it didn’t convince me but for the sack of all our good Irish that it does work. Now I’m not sitting on the side line here I’ve take ACC Bank to task on there illegal action. Fair play to you for following this “trust” case all the way.


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