What happened in the High Court Dublin …today! You couldn’t make this stuff up……

I would like to congratulate Mr Mark Reynolds of “Savills” in Dublin …..(I think)!

I say I think because Mr Reynolds, who was described generously by Ben Gilroy today, as an intelligent man, when he appeared in Court No3  at the Four Courts, Dublin to be cross-examined in the Contempt case against Mr Gilroy, wasn’t too sure himself!

Mr Reynolds had the most amazing loss of memory I believe I have ever come across, in answering what appeared to be the vast majority of Mr Gilroy’s questions his reply was “I do not remember”!

We all remember Bill Clinton’s famous use of the “I have no recollection of…” response but, Mr Reynolds stretched this use of the memory loss excuse far beyond any reasonable persons threshold of acceptance.

I am so amazed that I may well invest in a transcript of the proceedings in an effort to pinch myself ..metaphorically speaking.

It then progressed to get worse when Mr Reynolds was asked to clarify a sworn statement in his Affidavit to the Court, he averred that he was a Director of Savills, and when challenged on this by Mr Gilroy who stated that he couldn’t be a Director of Savills as Savills had no Directors as it is only a registered business name, Mr Reynolds stammered around for some moments until Mr Gilroy then asked him what was the name of the company that owned the business name “Savills”, Mr Reynolds replied that he thought it was Savills PLC, Mr Gilroy corrected him and informed him that it was in fact a company called Anatao and asked had Mr Reynolds heard of that company to which Mr Reynolds replied “No”.

Mr Gilroy then asked precisely what company was Mr Reynolds a Director of……

Mr Reynolds again stammered about …

Mr Gilroy interjected and asked, “Do you know what company you are a director of, or in fact who you work for….

Eventually Mr Reynolds stated he worked for Savills Ireland Ltd..

Finally Mr Gilroy ended the exchange by informing Mr Reynolds that he was in fact a Director of two companies, Savills Residential Ireland Ltd and Savills Commercial Ireland Ltd, and finished by stating the “Savills” who Mr Reynolds averred under oath, in an affidavit, was the company he was a director of was owned by neither of the companies Mr Reynolds was a director of, so in fact there was no relationship between “Savills” and Mr Reynolds other than the fact that they shared the umbrella of the overall group owners Anatao Limited.

This was very strange carry on indeed and it was not lost on the packed Courtroom who erupted into laughter on a number of occasions at the responses from Mr Reynolds to the examination by Mr Gilroy.

When Mr Reynolds was asked about the address he had listed in his affidavit and reminded of Order 40 Rule 9 of the Rules of the Superior Courts in Ireland which states:

“Every affidavit shall state the description and true place of abode of the deponent…..”

Mr Gilroy asked Mr Reynolds did he in fact live at 32 Molesworth Street Dublin, that being the offices of Savills, Mr Reynolds took the opportunity to inject a little light-hearted banter by responding with ” sometimes it feels like I live there I spend so many hours in work”….

Mr Gilroy was not impressed by this and responded by asking Mr Reynolds did he understand the importance of truth in an Affidavit and was he aware the his Affidavit was the basis of attempts to have Mr Gilroy committed to prison and the basis for Gardai to come and enter his home in front of his wife and children….the frivolity from Mr Reynolds ended abruptly at that point….

There is a lot more to this story but I will wait until the case is over before completing a full account of matters, suffice to say that what we experienced in Court today was either an attempt by Mr Reynolds to look stupid or he really is stupid, either way he has excelled in his attempts…

One thing I know for sure is that, were I in Court, I would never get away with that level of stupidity or, dare I say it “contempt”.

Mr Reynolds would be wise to remember who’s bidding he is doing, for the Bank’s have shown time and time again that they do not have friends and do not subscribe to the loyalty character trait, Mr Reynolds will be used up and discarded at the banks whim and it is he who has to live with his actions long after everyone has moved on with their lives…..Mr Reynolds you are engaged in a dirty, dirty business….and one which will curry no favour or thanks from the decent ordinary people of Ireland who will never probably have to deal with you unless their lives take a turn for the worse…..

I will return to this matter soon after the case proper has ended…….



  1. […] other than the fact that they shared the umbrella of the overall group owners Anatao Limited. What happened in the High Court Dublin …today! You couldn’t make this stuff up…&#8… Sign in or Register Now to […]


  2. battlecat · · Reply

    yeah really good reporting for those of us who couldn’t make it. can’t wait for more updates aswell… i hope the (positive for Ben) outcome spreads a lot of confidence in people up and down the country. :-)


    1. There will be lots more after the case finishes…


  3. The dog and pony show and a rather poor display of tactical awareness for such a serious allegation of contempt.

    Mr Gilroy, as commendable as he is on many fronts, seems lacking in the fundamentals of the nature of the issue and the leverage required to deal with it. Sleepwalking into the swamp some may say. Having attempted to advise him on DDI to understand the criminalistation of his actions and with contempt (massaged as civil) always being criminal in nature (the punishment = prison) he may have lost his only opportunity to create ambiguity and reasonable doubt which is really the only leverage he could have as third party. Showboating and playing to the gallery whilst reaffirming virtually all allegations is hardly supporting the nescessary reasonable doubt required. The effective lack of success in seeking disclosure has created nothing in advantage. Unfortunately and rightly or wrongly constitutional issues, wrongful arrest, void orders, receivers with no true authority etc will have no bearing on the outcome.

    Questioning the evidence of the allegation is all that is nescessary to create doubt. There is always ambiguity for a third party…………

    In Re Bramblevale,30 Lord Denning, MR said:
    ‘A contempt of court is an offence of a criminal character. A man may be sent to prison for it. It must be satisfactorily proved. To use the time-honoured phrase, it must be proved beyond all reasonable doubt. ‘

    Eoin F O Donnell


  4. Interesting stuff! Thank you, and please keep us posted…


  5. Guy Taylor · · Reply

    Excellent stuff have posted all over twitter/facebook/skype


  6. the entire group think of the gang cartel is so corrupt that is now gone beyond the rules of the irish constitution and the republic and the common law and the very people


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