About Us

Awaken Longford is a concerned Citizen group.

We are a non profit, non political group shaped by our mutual experiences at the hands of Financial Institutions.

We have all endured unpleasant and shocking treatment in relation to Financial Debt.

We are here to educate, assist and rally around people who are in dire need of practical and physical help with Debt issues.



  1. Eugene Cafferky · · Reply

    I believe that many citizens are losing in Court because of Fraud and Perjury by the Banks. Go through all sworn Affidavits by the banks and find the Perjury. Make a statement re the Perjury to the Gardai. That File must go to the DPP. If the DPP refuses to prosecute then you can Prosecute the Perjury acting as Common Law Informer. I can provide the exact steps that you must take in Court so as to Prosecute, it is very simple. Where you have already lost your case, you can Set Aside the Court Order made against you and REOPEN your case based on the NEW evidence exposed in your Perjury Prosecution. When you refer to the FRAUD in your Affidavits, the opponent must reply by Affidavit, that is where you will find their Perjury. There is NO ESCAPE when you become the Prosecutor of the Perjury. The real Law wins in the end.


  2. Even the very evident and obvious misrepresentation by the banks is not ever remarked upon by the judges ie – the bank pretending to be your lender when in fact they have actually sold (securitised) the loan to a 3rd party specifically to avoid being your lender so as not to be liable for any lose if the loan goes into default… or the simple issue of examing an actual mortgage contract I mean any high court judge on examination of a mortgage contract would be able to dismiss a whole case based on all the breaches involved…has a judge to date even bothered to read one of these contracts and ask appropriate questions like “was all of this contract explained to you by the bank..”…”did they explain that they could sell the loan to a vulture corporation who will be able to change the terms and conditions..”


  3. banks have total power gained SINCE they bankrupted our country. They have practised systemic abuse on their own customers forcing them in many cases into Default . Its worked better for them with ireland broke. Ulster bank managers have been made directors for granting loans in 2007 and 2008 until RBS went bust and subsequently forcing businesses under to circumvent their committed loans. I f the customer tries to fight back they have already seen to it that they cannot afford justice while they employ top level lawyers at the taxpayers/customers expense. WAKE UP IRELAND


  4. coryn warren · · Reply

    Being put through hell by Dunbar bank/ assets, I could really do with some help.


    1. Please send a private email to awaken.longford@hotmail.com


  5. there is a future……….one with consultative/direct democracy and public banking……….and then a real health service which focuses on better health as opposed to sickness


  6. Absolute power corrupts the best nature.

    Until the corruption is dealt with nothing will be resolved.


  7. I am writing this to you from a small town in northern Germany.Im Irish and proud of it , I am here because I cannot earn a living in my own home in Ireland at the age of 56 I feel I have been betrayed by the political system, a system that wants rid of anybody over the age of 40 .The system is in the total control of gangsters, gombeens and leaches that have over the years corrupted out democratic system. Ireland has become a private cake that is divided into little fiefdoms where the rich make the laws that suite themselves and the gombeen politicians give us the citizen’s lip service. It is great to see your blog and I hope you will continue to inform the ordinary citizens of what is really going on. It is a lonely task and a thankless one. Best of luck


    1. Thank You for your comments, I understand totally, your position and I agree.
      I spent a good number of years in exile because of economic conditions, but I came back home, this may prove to be the greatest mistake of my life, but my love of Ireland, the nation, like yours gives me some comfort and a sense of belonging. Keep fighting, question everything and seek solutions, you are the master of your own destiny. Peace


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