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In case I don’t die…a Greek whisper to Europe…

In Case I Don’t Die – A Greek whisper to Europe from Nicolas Androulakis on Vimeo.

The Curious Case of Paul O’Shea…..

After today’s second attempt in the Court of Appeal to have Paul O’Shea liberated from Mountjoy Prison, and although the story continues, it is important to canvass some of the issues that occur in Paul’s case and in many other cases, these are the same issues which never get ventilated in the hearing of many […]

The Bank Snipers and the backup Economic Hitmen…….

Still on the subject of the O’Donnell family’s gargantuan battle against the Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland, we are all too aware of the portrayal of the rise and fall of the O’Donnell’s fortunes according to the Irish media, but as with all epic confrontations, there are two sides to every story. […]

The Governor & Company of Bank of Ireland…who are they…how did they come to be….?? and why do they hate the O’Donnell’s so much…..

Just before I proceed to the substance of this article, I would like to give a little insight as to the basis of the article. The origins of the Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland entered the public domain today, in the ongoing saga of the battle for Gorse Hill and Brian O’Donnell’s […]

ECB – €60 Billion a month from where?……..

Today’s report from John Downing in the Irish Independent titled “ECB reveals huge Asset buying plan…” reveals nothing other than everything that is wrong with the European Project and modern Banking as a whole. The article is here: Let’s look at this from the “man in the street’s view”, firstly we must ask, where […]

One Bank Is Finally on Trial for the Financial Crisis…in the USA

“How much money are we talking about overall? Let’s just look at 2005 and 2006, the two years at issue in the FHFA case, and the biggest years for mortgage-backed securitizations. Banks sold over $1 trillion in mortgage-backed securities each of those years. So, if Nomura’s behavior was typical, then banks would be legally liable […]

Brendan….provides more vitriolic spin making repossession sound positively wonderful…

Response to Brendan Burgess article in the Irish Independent 18/03/2015 here: What a one-sided article from a person who supposedly claims to be an expert on financial matters, the opening statement says it all: “In every other country in the developed world, when a borrower doesn’t pay their mortgage the lender gives them a […]

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