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I am not Left, I am not Right, I am mad as Hell!

What more is there to be said, we knew in 2012, they knew in 2012, that speaks louder than anything that can be said today, what a horrible, corrupt little Country we have become, led there by truly reprehensible miscreants who masquerade as Public Representatives and pontificate to us of Austerity while they continue to […]

Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland – Update…..

This offering is, I suppose, part 3 of a series of articles on the Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland. The first article concerned the founding Charter and is here: The second article asked questions about the possible racist elements to the Oaths taken by senior Officers of the bank and whether […]

“Original”…PTSB need to revisit the meaning and definition of this word….

“In the Sixties people took Acid to make the world look weird, in the teenage years of the 21st century, people take Prozac to make the world look normal…..” This leads me succinctly onto the word “Original” and how this word is interpreted by Permanent TSB, or Irish Life and Permanent, or PTSB or whatever […]

Is the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland guilty of Promoting Racism?

This question arises out of an examination of the Charter of King George III in 1783 which gave life to the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland. There are several ways to create a Company, in recent times a Memorandum of Association and Articles is the most common way, these documents incorporate the […]

Behind the Curtain in Irish Banks……

This past week, like many of the preceding weeks, has been very interesting, both in the public discourse and in events in the Four Courts in Dublin. Lifting the veil on the Banking industry in Ireland took another, not insignificant step forward on Friday last in the Four Courts, unfortunately I cannot elaborate any further […]

Judicial Malfeasance? and Removal of Rights? in Ireland…………..

Another day in the Four Courts in Dublin, the “new” Court of Appeal specifically, provided further evidence of the continuing erosion of civil rights, access to a fair hearing and due process in general. Today, I saw the effect of the new Court of Appeal on the ability of a litigant to access the Irish Court […]

CHARTER of The Corporation of the Governor and Company of the Bank of IRELAND. 1783 A.D.

I don’t intend to comment at all, in this article, on this document, it speaks for itself, if you have the patience, read it carefully, this is the document which gave life to Bank of Ireland by Royal Charter in 1783, this is a word for word copy of the Original Charter, it is still […]

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