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What happened in the High Court Dublin today – September 1st 2015

Today was a good day in the Court 6 in the High Court Dublin with two very good decisions handed down by Justice Hunt, two decisions which marked the inclusion of a modicum of common sense. Both cases are very relevant to the position of distressed family home borrowers in 2015, 7 years almost, after […]

Stephen Murphy – 29/08/2015 – Right2Water…he just simply gets better and better….

Harsh Reality of Eviction in Ireland – 2015…..

…..this is the thin end of the wedge…. …….On Wednesday last August 26th 2015 in the town of Kells County Meath another Irish family was Evicted from their family home for the “heinous crime” of not being able to pay what a Bank said they had to pay! The family involved consisted of a Mother, […]

A new front opens up in the battle against Irish Banking malfeasance….. Shareholder Action Ltd

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday, Saturday, when I travelled to the rebel county which is an apt description for Cork in light of the meeting I was attending at the Clayton Silver Springs Hotel in on the edge of Cork City. We will return to the purpose of that meeting in a […]

A break from the norm…….Spanish Mortgage News….

Regular followers of the Blog will be used to me writing about distressed Irish mortgage holders, in a slight departure from this I would like to discuss an issue in Spain which I believe may affect Irish owners of Spanish property and likewise Spanish property owners from the UK and the rest of Europe. The […]


  Press Release 13/08/2015   The co-founder of Right2Homes has called on Enda Kenny to “take full responsibility” and resign as Taoiseach and that an immediate Election should be called arising from the current Social Housing and Bank-Repossessions scandals. “These people are clearly not fit or worthy of such high public office and, in particular, […]

“The Third Memorandum”….otherwise to be known as the third act in a true, real life Greek tragedy!

So Greece via Tsipras and Syriza have struck another unholy deal with the Troika – €86 Billion more euro’s of dodgy money, the photocopiers must be running at warp speed in Brussels-am-Berlin tonight with a second back bank of copiers flying along in Frankfurt. Most people do not either know of pay any attention to […]

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