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Lloyd Family Home Appeal…additional funding option

Thank you kindly to all who have helped so far with this Appeal, I have added a Paypal option which now appears to the right of this article. This is in addition to the main site : Here are some links to information about this Appeal please share this far and wide, I am […]

Ireland …..a caring society???? Really!….help me prove it!

  Six weeks ago next Wednesday was the day a family in Kells Co.Meath had their world fall down around them, it was the day the Sheriff arrived in the early morning to evict them from their home without warning, in the clothes they stood in. A mother was dragged out in front of her […]

Ireland’s Family Home Repossession Crisis… worsening

….it bubbles away just under the surface of the wave of so-called recovery sweeping over Ireland right now, budgets and elections are looming, the feel good factor must be espoused at every opportunity, rail links to the airport, massive capital expenditure programs, relocation of hospitals and on and on…. yet Repossession of family homes continues […]


The eleventh hour is upon is….and upon the Lloyd Family from Kells Co.Meath. My best efforts and my appeal would seem to have fallen on deaf ears, with the exception of 46 brave souls, most of whom, if I understand their comments properly, have little enough to sustain themselves but because of that, understand better […]

Lloyd Family Home Update 3….

So, we are midweek, heading for the last weekend of this appeal and the best description I can give of my disposition is “remaining optimistic” although it shouldn’t be if one was to view the funding site here: I have never worked so hard at trying to publicise anything before and if nothing else […]

Breaking Out……is so very hard to do……

No I’m not in prison! Just trying to break out into the mainstream with the Lloyd Family Home Appeal…’s proving to be very, very difficult. There is lots of sympathy, empathy and disgust at the Lloyd’s situation, when anyone is asked about the Homeless issue or the Family Home Mortgage Distress issue in general, […]

Lloyd Family Home Appeal – Update 2

It’s September 11th, not quite half way into the time period this appeal will run for, Justice Tony Hunt gave liberty to return before him within three weeks, I have made contact with a huge number of public, commercial, religious and representative organisations this past week along with a direct public appeal on social media, […]


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