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Home Owner’s Court Win is a Pyrrhic Victory according to the High Court Judge……

I was going to title this article “Pseudo-Legal People Knock One Out Of The Park” following on from my recent article here:   but I thought that might not do justice (no pun intended) to the folks involved in this case. The judgment of Ms. Justice Murphy delivered the 20th day of May 2015 in […]

Rateable Valuation Con in Repossessing Irish Homes is finally exposed…..

By Finbar Markey… with special thanks to There’s been a con going on in our Circuit Courts for the last few years. It’s a con that the courts, the legal profession and the banks have all been in on together and the veracity of the claim that it has been a con emerged today from […]

Vision of Ireland in 2020…..

This list came from but I though it interesting that we, in Ireland, may have hit some of these targets already, depending on your view and position in Irish Society of course. Personally I think we meet the following points now, or very close to them: Our Standard Vat Rate is already 23%! Tax Evasion […]

Why does the Church sit idly by while the practice of Usury destroys the World…..

    The following letter was addressed to Reverend William Godfrey, the Apostolic Delegate to Great Britain, to the Anglican Archbishops of Canterbury, York and Wales, and to other Ecclesiastical Dignitaries in Great Britain in 1943. Matters have progressed exponentially since this letter and maybe it is time to commence a new campaign towards the […]

Common pathology for Ireland’s…indeed the World’s disease…Financial Credit!

For as long as history is recorded, various Race’s and Religion’s have sought the elusive prize of World domination, indeed many still do, none have ever accomplished the goal with the exception of the Money System. But the Money System is a Cancer, a Disease, if you cannot see that, you are unconscious. The first […]

On this day: Snap Elections, Seanie’s Trial, Honohan’s Departure etc…etc… 10/05/2015

Today, May 10th 2015, we are greeted with the headline in the Sunday Independent: Kenny Told- Plot Autumn Snap Election, this headline has a particular resonance with me because I have, in previous recent articles identified September 2015 as a pivotal month in the order of things, I re-iterate that position again here today. I […]

Anglo Irish Bank – A disgusting example of Corruption then….No different now!

This was the presentation given to the Department of Finance by Anglo Irish Bank September 18th 2008 two weeks before the night of the Blanket Bank Guarantee, we now know that Anglo was lying barefaced but, we also now know that the Department was well aware of the true position, is this where the “constructive […]


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