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What happened in the High Court Dublin today – September 1st 2015

Today was a good day in the Court 6 in the High Court Dublin with two very good decisions handed down by Justice Hunt, two decisions which marked the inclusion of a modicum of common sense. Both cases are very relevant to the position of distressed family home borrowers in 2015, 7 years almost, after […]

Irish Banking Crisis….What would you say if I told you…..

What would you say if I told you….I have seen a document dated January 24th 2008 which emanated from the Department of Finance which evaluated comprehensively all matters pertinent to the Financial Stability of Ireland in the face of Financial Collapse? What would you say if I told you…. I have seen a document dated […]

One Law for the Poor and another for the Well Connected…..

I have a lot of time for Justine McCarthy, but this weeks offering in the “Sindo” has missed the mark by a small football field. Did you really, in all that is occurring in our tawdry little republic, have nothing else to write about this weekend, than Brian O’Donnell! Brian O’Donnell’s main failing?…He was never […]

Bank of Ireland AGM 29-04-2015…a sober view…

I went along to the Bank of Ireland Annual General Court today in University College Dublin, a friend had transferred 5 Shares to me for the purpose of attending, I did reimburse him the princely sum of €1.80 for the five shares in the form of a cup of coffee, it wasn’t a good deal […]

Got a variable rate Mortgage? ….Get it Audited!

The link below is a very good interview on WLR FM today with Mick Daniels regarding his Mortgage which was originally taken out with Irish Nationwide Building Society, ended up with IBRC and subsequently, allegedly sold to Bank of Ireland. The audit company referred to is: Bankcheck their website is here: and I can’t recommend […]

The Bank Snipers and the backup Economic Hitmen…….

Still on the subject of the O’Donnell family’s gargantuan battle against the Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland, we are all too aware of the portrayal of the rise and fall of the O’Donnell’s fortunes according to the Irish media, but as with all epic confrontations, there are two sides to every story. […]

The problem is not Civil Disobedience…’s Civil Obedience!!!!


Justice4 Panel review

Justice4 Panel Review website intends to highlight and keep in the public domain the new Government established (Review Mechanism) set up to look into over 300 complaints against the force of An Garda Síochána. ~ (An Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere) ~ ********** Website setup & hosted by; Cathriona Barker December 2014 **********


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A radical perspective on local, national and international issues from the pens of a few disgruntled agitators!


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My observations of life living with lifelong severe depression, anxiety, social anxiety with agoraphobia, PTSD, A Nervous Breakdown, as well as a Survivor of Sexual Abuse and Rape.

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Degree of Uncertainty.

You are free to purchase hats and you have the right to assembly of sub-standard cabinate packs.

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Windy Arbour Woman

Dublin Rathdown 2016


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"If You Can't Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bull." WC Fields

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