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  1. jointhelandleague · · Reply

    There are several people in Ireland chasing Campbell McBride’s approach to Autism etc; try,


  2. Hi,
    I stopped the reciever taking control of my 3 properties, i know their next step is to bring me to court to get access to the property, what would be the best approach for me to take when defending myself?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
    Thank you,


  3. Dylan · · Reply

    Hi Kristine,
    Take a look at the link below. See if it interests you. If it does get in contact and I will assess your case to see if it suits what i do.



  4. Dylan · · Reply

    Hi Ray,
    Take a look at the the link and if it interests you then get in touch and I will see if your case is suitable.



    1. HI Dylan, thank you for you reply, I think your link is similar to what i am involved in, I have taken a plenary, and looks like the bank are trying to come at me with a summary, I have contacted the hub, so i think i’m ok for the moment, ( hopefully), keep up the good work and thanks a mil


  5. Yes acting for their client the Bank


  6. Are they the Authorized Representative,


  7. Hi nacainte
    its the deed of appointment for a solicitor, I was advised to ask ptsbs solictor for this along with his insurance but because the solictor engaged with me on ptsb paper I thought that this may be obivious that they appointed him, ps I am in a war with the banks as I have know choice, I am learning as I go,
    many thanks


    1. Ray,
      Solicitors are not appointed by Deed under any circumstances, it simply does not happen that way, do not ask for the DEED of Appointment of a Solicitor it shows that you do not understand the issue, Solicitors simply come on record and act on behalf of a client, no Deed is required ever.
      Receiver’s on the other hand are appointed by Deed, this is required because they are operating under a Power of Attorney you granted to the Bank and the Bank is (by DEED OF APPOINTMENT) giving that Power to the Receiver.


  8. Mick Kershaw · · Reply

    My friend changed his mortgage protection insurance and his house insurance
    The bank have sent a letter stating that he is in breach of contract and must supply copies of his new policies immediately to them
    I told him to send in your 10 questions for reply first before he furnishes them any details
    Can they demand this info?


    1. Mick,
      Unless he is prepared to go to war with the bank he should just give them copies, they would be entitled to see that the house is insured as this would have been a condition of the Contract as it is with all Contracts for mortgages, just another way the bank covers themselves.
      Your friend needs to be very clear that if he picks the war route, he had better be prepared to go all the way, I am sick of listening to people advocating war with Banks who themselves have never stood inside a Court! So thread carefully and don’t bring on a fight unless you are ready.


  9. Hi nacainte
    I was advised to asked for the solicitors deed of appointment by ptsb and also to ask for the solictors insurance details, ptsb have engaged with my plenary, since the solictor engaged with me on ptsb headed paper, is their any need to ask him for his proof of appointment from ptsb, hope I am saying this right,
    many thanks


  10. Hi Austin
    Do I need to request a deed of appointment from a Liar, if his corresponance comes through on the banks headed paper, like an in house solictor, it came from ptsb legal debt,
    many thanks


    1. Hi Ray, what kind of a Deed? is it the appointment of a Receiver?


  11. tony brogan · · Reply

    Not sure if you have followed DMW recently but I have posted extensively there on the source of money . Not sure if you can use any of it but if you can you are welcome to copy and paste.
    Happy New Year


  12. Tom Darcy won his case in the Supreme Court!


    1. james Miller · · Reply

      Dylan………give me shout at 087 2545548.

      I might know someone who could be of assistance to you…….maybe.



  13. Hi anyone out there dealing with the PRTB any info as to how to deal with them would be great


  14. Dylan Dunphy · · Reply

    Hi there, I have successfully managed to get my mortgage case with Permanent TSB to the Supreme Court. I am currently looking at ACC Bank on the issue of securitisation. Do you know if anyone has access to a securitisation prospectus for any of the ACC Bank securitisations? It would greatly assist me if i could find a link to one or obtain a copy of one..
    Kind Regards,


    1. Kristine McDonogh · · Reply

      Hi Dylan your post about getting your mortgage to the Supreme Court was posted almost a year ago I know… but can you give me some outlines as to how you managed this? I know that I will need to be able to box above my weight once I get into the ring with PTSB..any legal routes or lane ways I need to follow can you please advise…many thanks



    2. Hi dylan, i am battling them fuckers also, PTSB, if you have pointers please share, thank you


  15. A lot of bullshit about spirituality in the party’s founders statement, everybody should know that religion and politics are the same, only a form of control with no basis in fact or reason. Please drop the spirituality bullshit because it will hold the party back, and I feel their is a real solution to the countrys problems in this party, just cut out the whack job religious shit.


  16. Hi Greyfox
    i mislaid your contact info after meeting you in Dublin.
    Appreciate it if you could forward details to me


  17. If your child has anything like autism or some such, then do yourslef and the child a big favour…… ”Dr Natasha Campbell McBride” and learn how to fix the problem


  18. Ni Chinneide · · Reply

    Hi Grey Fox,

    I read your posts and especially today about your little boy. How old is he? Tell me about what learning difficulties he has in school.

    If you need me to help you pay for any extra teaching etc, let me know.

    My sister is a primary school teacher and specialised in remedial teaching a few years ago. She lives in North County Dublin, but I think you live in Longford?

    Kind regards,



  19. Padraic Noonan · · Reply

    Hi Greyfox,

    My name is Padraic Noonan and I post on the D Mc W site as cooldude. Send me your email and I will contact you.



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