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Anglo Irish Bank – A disgusting example of Corruption then….No different now!

This was the presentation given to the Department of Finance by Anglo Irish Bank September 18th 2008 two weeks before the night of the Blanket Bank Guarantee, we now know that Anglo was lying barefaced but, we also now know that the Department was well aware of the true position, is this where the “constructive […]

One Law for the Poor and another for the Well Connected…..

I have a lot of time for Justine McCarthy, but this weeks offering in the “Sindo” has missed the mark by a small football field. Did you really, in all that is occurring in our tawdry little republic, have nothing else to write about this weekend, than Brian O’Donnell! Brian O’Donnell’s main failing?…He was never […]

Judicial Malfeasance? and Removal of Rights? in Ireland…………..

Another day in the Four Courts in Dublin, the “new” Court of Appeal specifically, provided further evidence of the continuing erosion of civil rights, access to a fair hearing and due process in general. Today, I saw the effect of the new Court of Appeal on the ability of a litigant to access the Irish Court […]

Waiting for the Bailiff’s………

I spent this afternoon in the company of a very brave lady, she has spent the last 8 years with a Court Order for Repossession hanging over her and the last 13 months waiting for the Bailiff’s, this “Eviction Order” has recently been renewed in the Courts and another Notice of Eviction” imminent letter has […]

Mortgage Arrears…..figures…figures….figures but what can you believe…..

So Mr Honohan’s comments to the Banking Inquiry today shed some more light on the night of September 29th 2008 at the scene of a crime in Leinster House, when the people of Ireland were the victims of a corporate mugging of epic proportions. The truth is emerging that on the night the facts are, […]

Lest we forget…..the Insiders, who are still Inside…..

Let’s start to take a look at some of the “Insiders” who oversaw the the destruction of the Irish Economy, rode out the storm and are still sitting pretty……first on the list – Mr Frank Daly, current Chairman of the Board at Nama, previously Public Interest Director at Anglo Irish Bank and Chairman of the […]


I have just returned from one of my more infrequent visits to the Four Courts in Dublin, the one thing that struck while I was there is the renewed vigour and gusto with which the legal fraternity were going about their business this morning, New Year and all that…. We have been witness to warnings […]


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